The Toymaker

A bold and compelling tale. The Australian / Read it once, then read it again – Readings / The Toymaker gives immediate and absorbing pleasure (with) similarities to J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace – B+P / The narrative is subtle, measured and worth every second. I can’t let the story go – The West Australian / Creative and evocative – The Australian Review of Books / Haunting and enthralling – Bendigo Weekly / A Contemporary Literary Treat – The Age / A Stunning Debut Novel – The South Coast Register


Toymaker CoverThe Toymaker is my first novel, out through Penguin Australia.

It’s a bit of a departure from my previous books: kind of a historical novel, but also a bit of a thriller? Or a horror? And a love story!

Basically it’s all the stories in one competitively priced unit and I hope you love it.

It’s on shelves now, and you can order it from these fine retailers by clicking on their buttons below.




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‘A person is defined by the secrets they keep.’

Adam Kulakov likes his life. He’s on the right side of middle age; the toy company he owns brightens the lives of millions of children around the world; and he has more money than he can ever spend, a wife and child he adores, and as many mistresses as he can reasonably hide from them.

And he is not the only one with secrets. In 1944, Adam’s grandfather, Arkady, was imprisoned in Auschwitz and given an impossible choice. Now, as he reaches the end of his life, he has to keep the truth from his family, and hold back the crushing memories of his time with one of history’s greatest monsters.

As a mistake threatens to bring Adam’s world tumbling down around him, the past reaches for Arkady. Everything he’s spent a lifetime building will be threatened, as will everything Adam and his family think they know of the world.

Bold, dark and compelling, The Toymaker is a novel about privilege, fear and the great harm we can do when we are afraid of losing what we hold dear.