Mistakes Were Made

A breezy and compelling read that exhibits Pieper’s hilarious, dark way of observing and interpreting the world around him. His writing is electric: charged with meaning and energised by surprising comedic turns. – The Australian / The ability to laugh at yourself is arguably the most valuable quality you can cultivate as a writer, and Liam Pieper has it in spades. In these four essays, he does hilarious self-deprecation with considerable panache. – The Sydney Morning Herald / An easy, charming style (and) uncanny nose for misadventure make for an amusing pocket read – The Sunday Age
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So here’s my second book. If you buy it (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll notice it’s kind of on the slim side.

In fact, it’s less than half the length of my last one, but then, it’s a third of the price, so look at you knowing a bargain when you see it, you sexy, erudite bookworm you! 





Liam Pieper’s made some poor life choices, but he’s (usually) meant well. He’s tried to write important stories, fight racial prejudice and rescue traumatised puppies. And he’s ended up with life-threatening infestations, a punch in the face at a Leonard Cohen concert and brief detention by counter-terrorism experts. Taking us from Nimbin to US border security to the star-studded Chateau Marmont in LA, these four essays are compelling, insightful and very funny. Mistakes Were Made is about the gap between our ideals in life – of love, compassion, ambition – and how things actually play out.

It’s out now, and is available in stores or online:


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